Library Advisory Committee

The Library Advisory Committee plays an important role in the management of the Library and it clears all proposals relating to enrichment of resources of the Library viz; books, journals , e- reosurces as well as infrastructure development etc. The Library Advisory Committee for the year 2014-15 has been as under:

Dr. U.C. Sud, Chairman
Dr. P.K. Malhotra, Member
Dr Rajendar Prasad, Member
Dr. K.N. Singh , Member
Dr Anil Rai, Member
Sh. S.D. Wahi , Member
           Sh. A.K. Manchanda, A.O.
Sh. A.P. Sharma , Sr. F&A.O.
BOS Members
Student Representative.
Sh. P.K. Saxena, Member Secretary

The Internal administration , Finance and organization of the Library is being supervised by:

  • Sh. P.K. Saxena, Chief Technical Officer, Library Information System
  • Under Dr. P.K. Malhotra, Professor, Division of Computer Applications.
  • Choose a group to see which titles are new to the library

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